The world of the Hurdy-Gurdy has stretched and grown since we met our first one at the Dulcimer Festival in Evart, Michigan nearly 10 years ago! Yes, I did say Dulcimer Festival. Back then the Hurdy-Gurdy was confined to a back corner of the fair ground keeping out of the main stream of the activity. Today it is welcomed on stage with some of the well know dulcimer players and plays very nicely with them! Both Michael Opp and Mel Dorries offer a class for those interested in learning more about the Hurdy-Gurdy. For more information check out  held in Evart, Michigan mid July, 2017.

Another place of welcome is the gurdy's own workshop sponsored by Early Music In Motion. Wednesday, September 6, 2017 is the first day of the   6th Annual Indiana Hurdy-Gurdy Workshopwhich will extend through Sunday September 10th. For more information, registration forms, and class and teacher schedules go to

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